Actual Play

Beginning in 2006, I (DJ) decided to record a game of Vampire the Requiem I ran for Aaron and Robert, my two co-hosts for the now defunct podcast The Podcast of Darkness. Though most of the links there are dead, and the shows from then are somewhere (I think), we broadcast our gameplay to the world.

I believe that to be the first actual play podcast, period.

That was Legacy: Shadows of Blood, which becomes’s first Actual Play podcast. You can find all the episodes by subscribing to the podcast or you’ll find the links a little lower on this page.

Roughly five years later, a completely different group was formed to play Vampire the Requiem, but this time that game was recorded and called Dark Green: The Blackwood Chronicles. Though there were only 21 episodes released for consumption, as the main four cast members essentially left after that, there were more sessions recorded that ended up being unedited (and since lost), as those players and characters never got fully developed. The links to those episodes are also a little lower on this page, as well.

Finally, we enter the modern days of the Emerald Specter Actual Play era with Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle, as well as others to come. You will find their links below as their seasons complete, but the Actual Play podcast feed is the place to find them all.


01 – He Liked Fish
02 – He’s Got A Drinking Problem
03 – I’m Not A Vampire, I Don’t Believe In Them Yet
04 – I Pop Up Like A Daisy
05 – In Prison, They Send Notes That Way
06 – A Pile of Naked Girls
07 – Down Yonder
08 – Pop Rocks and a Coke
09 – Feel My Wrath, Seth Green!
10 – Sue Susanson
11 – It’s Called Celery, Not Celerity
12 – Mr. Roger’s Dangerous Neighborhood
13 – The Jolly Blue Giant
14 – The Most Difficult Simple Conversation
15 – Kent Brunnell, Ass Kicker
16 – If I Can Justify It
17 – The Lamb Chop Song
18 – Nice Try, Spanky
19 – He’s Next On My List
20 – I’m A Knight of the Round Table
21 – History is Written by the Victors


01 – Turn On the High Juice
02 – He’s Wearing Rainbow Boxers
03 – Or Seduce Them
04 – My Arm Is In A Dude
05 – You’re A Hard Man to Forget
06 – Meet Me at Shiny Things in Frames
07 – Is Stevie Going to Roofie Himself?
08 – That Can Be Arranged
09 – He’s Extra Medium
10 – I’m Going to Want to Eat Him
11 – This is Adorable
12 – Can I Dominate Over the Phone?
13 – The Choir Invisible
14 – I’m Not Sure Which One of Us Has the Problem
15 – Crystal Tower is on Fire
16 – Terrible Decisions Made
17 – Pedophile Van
18 – Stuck in a Hole
19 – Strange Things Are Afoot
20 – Bob’s Burgers
21 – Mr. Polite Cleans Up
22 – The End?


Emerald Nights: A Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle is a Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition chronicle set in the city of Portland, OR. The Storyteller, DJ Allen, is running his cast of characters through the modern nights of personal horrors, Kindred politics, and supernatural happenings as each member of the story seeks to survive to see another night.

Pre-Season One

The cast was Mike M., Mike T., and Aaron going through the initial nights of subversion, being the pawns of those far more powerful than themselves. Though attempts to record these sessions were made, none of these recordings survived intact. 

A summary of the events include the Baron Flavia Decker (Nox’s handler), Prince Abigail Cain (Cameron Locke’s handler), and Director Malachi Ross (John’s handler) were sent to investigate and apprehend Thin Blood alchemists, then to investigate a construction site that unveiled the location of a long lost sarcophagus that turned out to be Draegus, and were eventually led to meet up with some others along the way (including a Nosferatu named Vi, among the other regular cast members to appear in Season One).

Season One

01 – Trouble at the Clubhouse
02 – A Call to Action
03 – Raid on the Greenhouse
04 – Showdown
05 – Blacklight
06 – The Gravestones
07 – Harbingers
08 – The Magic Touch
09 – Inquisition Showdown
10 – My Friend is My Enemy

Season Two

01 – Administrative Matters
02 – Underground Kontrol
03 – Puzzle Box
04 – Black Liquid
05 – Locked Doors
06 – Cube Key
07 – Tempers Flared
08 – Split Party
09 – Blake Interrupted
10 – Stage Left
11 – Two Artifacts
12 – Gravestones Revisited
13 – Proximity Alert
14 – Final Battle

Season Three

Coming soon…