LSoB 18: Nice Try, Spanky

There is an unfortunate buzzing but at least Aaron is loud enough to hear.

The interrogation continues! Another final death! Kris and Kent continue the hunt for more information. The duo is out for VII and everyone that has wronged them. Kris (and Kent) get into another driving scuffle while out, the chase is on! While the mystery is unfolding, the concentration to get outside the artificial border is consuming Kris. Kent gets into shooting from the moving car while National Guard troops get involved. Making short work of ghouls, the duo makes short work of pursuers and needs a ride back into Bismarck. Kent ghouls Sue Susanson. 

Kris Larson is played by Robert and Kent Brunnell is played by Aaron. The storyteller is DJ Allen. Story originally broadcast in mid-2006.

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