Ryder Carroll invented a system of note taking and task scheduling that revolutionized the way many of us handle our lives. Journaling for many went from “not a thing” to one of the most central parts of our lives, allowing us to become more organized and (in many cases) more creative. This system is designed for an analog world, although some have adapted it for a digital lifestyle as well.

Beginning in 2017, DJ Allen revealed to the world a gamification of bullet journaling to help those who might be struggling to stick with the bullet journal system, or who might be struggling to achieve personal goals, push through to improve themselves. That system was called BuJoRPG. As with any brand new edition, things had a few hiccups but the system progressed forward.

There were updates to the system that eventually led to the designs of a second version entering the planning stages. That second version went through many variations before the arrival of what eventually would be open development on Discord with BuJoRPG2. Further developments will be announced in Discord involving the open development and future versions will be announced on both the website and Discord alike.

BuJoRPG (Version 1)  *  BuJoRPG: Wuxia  *  BuJoRPG: Wuxia – Rise of the Iron Garden  *  BuJoRPG (Version 1.9.6)