DGtBC 13: The Choir Invisible

This podcast may contain things that some consider offensive. Most non-game items have been removed, thus any uncomfortable reactions removed from this recording. Please take the episode understanding the players and storyteller are portraying characters.

Shiny Things in Frames is a crime scene? What?

A whole bunch of stuff is going down as Mr. Polite tries to figure it all out… and then there’s Pete… Stay TUNED! Also, Crystal Tower is still not on fire. 

We have a lurker, Jared, who had a few questions and comments from time to time. I tried to cut out all non-game appearances within the episode but he creeps in from time to time.

DJ is the Storyteller. Scuzz played Mr. Polite. Morgan Imperial played Remy Augustus. Jen Wahl played Li Mei Wu. Fletcher Souza played Enzo.

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