LSoB 12: Mr. Roger’s Dangerous Neighborhood

Kris is all out fighting in an attempt to leave the city. Amazingly, the three of us start ACTUALLY using the rules correctly. Diablerie! Kent revisits the scene of the crime: Jack’s house, which is up for sale with Sue Susanson. Kris blows up a Hummer and drives away like an action star. Kent also discovers there may be more going on at a night club than he thought. Kris gets his old Dodge Viper as a “loaner” and heads to another location on the list. Kent has an interesting discussion with Dawn. Kris contacts Sue Susanson to find himself a new house, convinces the owner to just give it to him (where did he learn that move?). They live across the street from each other! Kris learns the Screamer has bigger plans and Kent ghouls some wolves and a cougar. 

Apologies for the insensitive commentary. We were young, sheltered, and stupid.

Kris Larson is played by Robert and Kent Larson (Brunnell) is played by Aaron. The storyteller is DJ Allen. Story originally broadcast in mid-2006.

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