Dohyo Download 0106: Salt in the Mawashi

Genbu, Tamanosato, Kamahiko, Kaitetsu, and Asabariki get together for a Dohyo Download extravaganza! They talk about bodily functions, bad behavior in the dohyo, Kagayaki’s unusually terrible basho, Hakuoho’s unusually terrible basho, who is likely to win the Yusho, who Genbu paid to put salt in who’s mawashi, historic 0-15 runs in IRL sumo, who Kamahiko is rooting to win because of their choices in a game they’re playing, people rooting for Takerufuji to win the Yusho, whether it’ll be an 11-4 or a 13-2 Yusho, the state of Kirishima’s “rope run,” and general Tom Foolery as one comes to expect from the greatest dice game sumo crew in the business.

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