CURSE Catch Up

What’s been happening in CURSE? Well, here’s a little quick catch up while things are on hiatus!

CURSE Phenomenon 19 – 27 Jan 2024 (Attendance: 19,869)

Dane Hawke leads out Skye Hawke, Knighthood, Stella Knight, Todd Hawkins, and Zach Hawking out to the ramp to announce that the Cenobites and the Circus wouldn’t be gaming up on them any further because they were family. “From this moment on, we are the Dynasty. Knights. Hawkes. The Dynasty is going to be evening up the odds.”

Trios Championship Tournament – Space Corps v The Circus
Space Corps dominates the match with superior tagging and maneuvering until Dead Clown comes out and causes issues. Space Corps mount a resurgence but The Circus get the pin to win.

Hex Championship Tournament – Azure Dragon v James Savage
Azure Dragon takes early control and dazzles the live crowd with high flying maneuvers but James Savage’s power is too much as he gets the win.

Trios Championship Tournament – Rogue Warriors v Hive
The Rogue Warriors just prove to be an overwhelming force as the Hive can’t seem to coordinate any sort of effective offense. Rogue Warriors get the pin.

Jinx Championship Tournament – Mitsuki Ishii v Demonique
Demonique is randomly chosen to avoid a “bye,” and Ishii comes at her with all her fury. Despite her best attempts, Demonique comes out with the win in the end.

Trios Championship Tournament – Mythic v Havoc
This match never stopped being a “tornado” match as all six wrestlers were fighting from the bell on… eventually Havoc scored a pin to advance in the tournament.

Knightmare leads some Cenobites out to challenge Dane Hawke next week on Phenomenon.

Hex Championship Tournament – Rashaun Deacon v Tiger Star
Deacon tried ending the match quickly with strong power moves but Tiger Star fought back to eventually get the win to advance.

Trios Championship Tournament – Wild Storm v Cenobites
The Cenobites used a fourth man on the outside to get two members of Wild Storm out of action for the first half of the match but Wild Storm fought their way back to get the pin.

Jinx Championship Tournament – “Techno Cowgirl” Naomi McClain v Tiger Katz
Tyger Katz and Naomi McClain both came out swinging, each trying to really take a strong hold of the match but McClain took the win by surprise in the end.

Shogun v Adam Frost
Up and coming hopeful Adam Frost takes his shot at the undefeated monster Shogun but falls well short as Shogun makes short work of the newcomer to CURSE.

CURSE World Championship #1 Contender’s Match – Aegis Quest v Iwani Macai
The former World Champion, Iwani Macai, showed that he was definitely a former champion by putting Quest through the ringer but Aegis Quest made sure he didn’t take anything lying down as he put on an absolute clinic with Macai as the two of them battled it out right up to the end of the show with Quest pulling out the win in the end.

CURSE Phenomenon 20 – 3 Feb 2024 (Attendance: 21,992)

Tag Team Match – Cenobites v Road Rage
Mystery and Shadow (for the Cenobites) sneak attack Road Rage and cause chaos right away but the power of Rex Walker and Tommy Clyde fight back to make it a match. The fresh skill of the newcomers ends up being too much, though, as Shadow pins Clyde for the win.

Trios Championship Tournament – The Circus v Rogue Warriors
The Circus take the early advantage with Dead Clown at ringside and make the Rogue Warriors lose focus but they start using Clown to their advantage when Dead Clown nails Edge Righte with a chair to allow Rogue Warriors to get the pin.

Post match, Edge attacks Dead Clown for the botched ending and Anthem join Dead Clown in delivering a beat down to Edge Righte. They exit the ring and Edge Righte gets back up and says that he’s done with the Circus. Without him, they’re nothing and he’ll prove it by taking on Shogun and defeating the undefeated next week.

Trios Championship Tournament – Havoc v Wild Storm
With James Savage competing later in the show, Erik Storm and Victor Slash take care of most of the heavy lifting for Havoc but Wild Storm proves to be a little too much for just the 2 men. James Savage helps even up the odds, especially being so fresh so late in the match but it’s Savage who is pinned by Thunderbolt in the end.

Tyger Katz v Mitsuki Ishii
Tyger and Mitsuki, both officially eliminated from the Jinx Championship Tournament, wrestler for the chance to be one of the first to challenge for the championship by displaying their skills in the center of the ring. Both women put on an impressive performance but Tyger Katz lands a huge blow to knockout Ishii for the win.

Rashaun Deacon v Azure Dragon
Deacon puts Dragon is several precarious positions with Azure Dragon kicking out of every one of them but Dragon eventually manages to get his wits about him to mount an offensive to pull off the win in the end.

Jinx Championship – Demonique v “Techno Cowgirl” Naomi McClain
McClain shows that she isn’t quite the clean cut dream she has been by taking the fight right to Demonique early on. Demonique responds with an offense of her own, sending the message that this is her time and sends McClain down to the mat for the pin, winning the inaugural Jinx Championship.

Hex Championship – James Savage v Tiger Star
James Savage tries to end the match immediately but Tiger Star seizes on the fact that Savage has already taken a beat down earlier in the night by utilizing his high flying style. While Savage makes a valiant effort, Tiger Star is too fresh for him to overcome and Tiger Star wins the inaugural Hex Championship.

Tag Team Match – Knighthood v Pinnacle
The Knight Brothers take the match to Pinnacle by showing them that being former champions means something. Pinnacle shows they aren’t a push over by fighting the good fight but in the end Knighthood scores the pin to win.

Dane Hawke v Knightmare
Both Cenobites and Dynasty barred from ringside, Knightmare and Hawke fight back and forth. Dane Hawke then displays why he is one of the best technical wrestler in CURSE by countering the chaos that is Knightmare and tapping him out to get the win.

Shogun v Dano Williams
Tryout Dano Williams takes his chance at Shogun but is made short work of as Shogun comes in with a huge clothesline, choke slam, and power bombs Williams into a pin for the win.

Shogun then grabs a mic and stares into the camera and says: “Edge Righte: I accept.” As he starts to leave, commentary points out that this is Shogun’s 27th straight win.

CURSE Phenomenon 21 – 10 Feb 2024 (Attendance: 21,018)

Hex Championship – Tiger Star [C] v Azure Dragon
These two dynamos of high flying action put on a spectacular show of delight as they flip and fly all over the ring. Neither man gets a clear advantage until Azure Dragon makes a mistake and misses a dive through the ropes to impact the barrier, allowing Tiger Star to work on his ribs and eventually score the win to retain the Hex Championship.

Ace Divine v Black Bethany
Black Bethany comes out with fury on her mind but Ace Divine is not letting anything get in her way as she counterattacks early. Both women show impressive skills, even getting the crowd involved early but things quickly turn south as Black Bethany tries to turn the match into a hardcore one by bringing out some tables. When the referee doesn’t allow it, Ace Divine capitalizes and gets the pin for the win.

The battle continues after the match until security comes out to break them up. The crowd chants “Let them fight” but they are both dragged out of the ringside area for the next match to proceed.

Majesty v Izzy
Izzy, the woman who nearly won the Round Robin Contender’s Tournament, goes after Majesty with ferocity, trying to establish dominance early. Her enthusiasm for dishing out damage was overcome when Majesty took the win with a well placed small package pin for the win.

Teal Stark v Mitsuki Ishii
A match of superior technique and effort, both Teal Stark and Mitsuki Ishii made sure that each other knew they knew what they were doing. Ishii was aiming for a shot at the Jinx Championship but Teal Stark ended her hopes with a super kick to the chin and a pin for the win.

Chief Mystique v Luna Ramos
Luna Ramos got the crowd involved early with some fantastic offense but Chief Mystique showed she wasn’t a slouch either by putting up an equally fantastic offense. Ramos almost had the pin on several occasions but Mystique managed to kick out every time. Mystique eventually got her own win with a close series of pins, one ending with the win.

Victoria Nova v Allison Colter
Allison Colter drug Victoria Nova from the back because the fighting had started backstage. Colter brought Nova into the ring and continued the beat down as the Amazon punished Nova over and over. Victoria Nova broke the cycle when she managed to avoid Colter’s dive outside and Colter slammed into the guard rail, allowing Nova to win by count out.

Trios Championship – Wild Storm [C] v Rogue Warriors
Wild Storm is attacked before the bell and Rogue Warriors tried to end it early but Fuego Blanco floors the whole team with amazing acrobatics. The bout is a good exchange but Wild Storm does still manage to get the win in the end.

Van Stane v Jaguar Dorado
Van Stane tries to overpower Dorado but Jaguar Dorado doesn’t allow Stane to do so. Both men show why they were both here in CURSE since the beginning by putting on a performance. Van Stane ends up pinning Dorado for the win.

Shogun v Edge Righte
Mr. Unpredictable Edge Righte goes right after Shogun with an aerial assault that could hardly be avoided. Shogun then turned the tide hard as Edge Righte received a truly epic beating. Righte mounts a desperate comeback but Shogun shuts him down hard with a choke slam and a pin for the 28th win.

Dead Clown and Anthem come out on stage to clap at the result but Shogun grabs a mic and says: “You might want to remember I beat all your asses already, too, Dead Clown. In fact, you may all need to be reminded. How about I remind you next week?”

CURSE Women’s Championship – Tao Usagi [C] v Stella Knight
The former champion dashed at Usagi but Tao used the momentum against her to send Stella into the corner. Usagi and Knight traded the advantage back and forth and Knight almost managed to score a pin but neither woman could really solidify control. In a trading of pin attempts, Tao Usagi utilized the ropes for leverage to secure the win and retain her championship.

Post match, Dane Hawke came down to the ring with Leon Knight to point at the ropes and explain how Usagi won. Aurora explained back that the match was called and the decision was final but that seemed to bring out Tom Katz, who announced: “This will be refought at the One Year Anniversary Phenomenon on March 9.”

CURSE Phenomenon 22 – 17 Feb 2024 (Attendance: 24,896)

Scott Crowe starts the show off by announcing the Shogun’s challenge was answered: by management. Any interference by the Circus will result in termination from CURSE. The crowd blows the roof off the Source Supercenter.

Allison Colter v Victoria Nova (Rematch Requested by Colter)
Victoria Nova gets out to the ring second and is immediately accosted by Colter. The Amazon pours on the pain as she pounds down Nova. Nova puts up some resistance, though, as she mounts an offense to bring the fight to the floor. Colter returns the fight to the ring immediately and flattens Nova with a boot to the face and a senton bomb for the pin.

As Nova is trying to get to the back, Colter flattens her and security comes to the rescue. Colter manages to get back to assault Nova more as both Usagi and Stella Knight come to the rescue, both dealing Colter some serious blows.

Shogun v Dirge
Dirge charges Shogun and ends up in a choke slam. Shogun follows that up with not one, not two, but three power bombs and a pin.

Post match, Shogun picks Dirge up again and power bombs him again before chucking him out to the floor.

Trios Match – Space Corps v Havoc
Havoc were about to jump Space Corps but they caught them and performed a triple DDT to gain the immediate advantage. As Havoc fought against that advantage, Space Corps’s teamwork was superior and kept them off their game. When Havoc managed to mount a credible comeback, it was too late to stop Lieutenant Tua from pinning James Storm to win.

Shogun v Requiem
Requiem started things off by flying off the top rope only to get caught and power bombed hard onto the mat. In his attempt to escape, Shogun drug him back into the ring to German duplex him three consecutive times before choke slamming him and pinning him for the win.

Post match, Shogun throws Requiem over the top rope and flexes before exiting the ring.

Majesty v Ace Divine
Ace Divine and Majesty display a clinic of wrestling prowess. Ace took early control of the match and showed her style clearly. Majesty mounted a comeback until Divine landed a chair shot but received one of her own right after to be pinned giving Majesty the win.

Shogun v Dead Clown
Dead Clown and Shogun stare down in the center of the ring. When they touch noses, Dead Clown launches his offensive, knocking Shogun back into the ropes but that only allows him to come at Clown harder with a clothesline and a choke slam. Dead Clown continues to fight but is ultimately power bombed twice and pinned for the win.

Post match, as Shogun is going to power bomb Dead Clown again, Zevander Gold comes out of the crowd to super kick Shogun off of his feet. Dead Clown collapses and rolls out of the ring and Gold raises his arms in victory, however, Shogun gets right back up and the bell rings.

Shogun v Zevander Gold
Death dropped from behind, Shogun hauls Gold back to his feet afterwards for a powerful lariat without letting go of his arm. Drug back to his feet again in short order, Shogun power bombs Gold three times and pins him for the win.

Shogun grabs the mic after tossing Zevander Gold out of the ring. “Even a sneak attack doesn’t get the job done. I just decimated the Circus. Apparently, it’s nothing more than a side show.” The big screen reads 32-0 as the commentary crew confirms that the Zevander Gold match was authorized by Scott Crowe backstage.

CURSE Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match – Knighthood v Cenobites
All of the Cenobites jump Knighthood to start the match but the Dynasty quickly comes out to even the odds. The extra Cenobites are forcibly removed as Leon and Darius make their former champions status known to the newcomers in a big way. Mystery and Shadow fight back with heart but the experience of the former champions wins out as Knighthood get the win to become #1 contenders for their former championships.

Mythic Flight v Pinnacle
The smaller Mythic Flight take Pinnacle off guard with their high flying and speed but regain their footing after slowing down the pace some. Pinnacle manages to turn the style into their own as they isolate Vermilion Bird to really take the match to him until Mythic Flight evens things up. Just when everything looks chaotic, Primo Storm scores a win over Azure Dragon.

Jinx Championship Match – Demonique [C] v Tyger Katz
Scream walks Demonique out to the stage but Demonique pushes her away to head down the ramp (looks like the Circus might not be “touring” anymore). Tyger takes the fight right to her and the bell rings but Demonique starts showing she’s tougher than people giver her credit for and beat Katz down. As Demonique starts getting a little cocky, Tyger rolls her up to get the pin and become the new Jinx Champion.

CURSE Phenomenon 23 – 24 Feb 2024 – (Attendance: 16,033)

“Amazon” Allison Colter v Luna Ramos
Luna takes to the air as she tries to out maneuver Colter straight from the bell but the larger Amazon just shows that her own maneuverability along with her power is too much to contend. Colter rocks Ramos with several huge super kicks before a tombstone pile driver ends in a pin for Colter to score the win.

Trios Match – Mythic v Space Corps
Both teams started out fairly evenly matched, with Mythic utilizing their high flying skills to great use and Space Corps countering with power and maneuvering. Vermilion Bird took a hard landing onto the floor attempting to flatten all of Space Corps which allowed the numbers of Space Corps to overcome Mythic for the eventual pin to win.

Izzy v Black Bethany
Izzy came after Black Bethany like a mad woman and took the early advantage. The aggression, however, turned out to be as much of a negative as a positive as the consistent counterattacks of Black Bethany allowed her to overcome Izzy’s relentless offense. When Black Bethany was ready to put Izzy away with a sit down power bomb, Kyra Crowe came out to catch the referee’s attention. When Bethany went to complain to the ref, Crowe rolled in and German suplexed Izzy twice before sliding out and letting Black Bethany pin her for the win.

Post match, Black Bethany stared at Kyra Crowe wondering why she came out and all she returned was a middle finger.

Ferris Hart v Zack Hawking
Both men lock up in the center of the ring and Ferris Hart shows that he is as dangerous as a singles wrestler as he is as a tag wrestler by taking complete control of the match. Zack Hawking does mount a fairly decent offensive push in the middle of the match but it wasn’t enough as Ferris gets the pin to win.

A promo runs announcing the One Year Anniversary Phenomenon on March 9 will feature every single championship on the line. Matches include:

Hex Champion Tiger Star v Azure Dragon
Jinx Champion Tyger Katz v Majesty
Trios Champions Wild Storm v Space Corps
Tag Team Champions The Union v Knighthood
Women’s Champion Tao Usagi v Stella Knight
World Champion Skylar Mason v Van Stane

Then a promo for the week after’s PPV Slamrock runs, stating all those championships will again be on the line, with scheduled matches including:

Hex Champion Tiger Star v Hexagon
Jinx Champion Tyger Katz v Skye Hawke
Women’s Champion Tao Usagi v “Amazon” Allison Colter
World Champion Skylar Mason v Aegis Quest

Tag Team Match – Anthem v Stingers
As the Stingers were deciding which of them would start the match, Anthem jumped them and made very short work of them before double teaming them for the eventual pin.

Jaguar Dorado v Knightmare
Jaguar Dorado took over very early in the match and dominated before the rest of the Cenobites came out to overwhelm Jaguar Dorado and give him the disqualification win.

The Cenobites beat down Jaguar Dorado heavily, making sure to really do some damage until Immigrant Song starts playing and the crowd explodes as the legend Talon comes out from the back and clears the ring, saving Jaguar Dorado from further physical damage.

Edge Righte v Madness (of Rogue Warriors)
Madness comes out swinging but Righte shows that he was the former World Champion by deftly maneuvering out of the wild attack and delivering a skilled set of moves that all land. Madness does manage to mount a comeback but the former champion is just too much for the trios fighter as Righte gets the pin for the win.

Iwani Macai v Sinister (of Rogue Warriors)
Unlike his partner, Sinister approaches his match with a more standard lockup and tries to overpower Macai. The former World Champion shows he is more than able to overcome his larger opponent and dazzles the crowd with some amazing moves before ending the match with a five star frog splash for the win.

Hexagon v Rage (of Rogue Warriors)
Rage blindsides Hexagon right away and tries to break him early but the Man of 1,000 Maneuvers turns the power back on his opponent. Hexagon turns the tide, goes up high, and flattens Rage to get the pin for the win.

Scott Crowe meets Talon in the back and asks him about being here at CURSE. Talon says he’s tired of seeing big groups beat up on individuals all the time and he’s all about evening up the odds again. He’ll be hanging around to dismantle the Cenobites… completely. Talon walks off and Scott Crowe looks impressed.

Hex Championship – Tiger Star [C] v Todd Hawkins
Still getting a feeling for the CURSE ring, Todd Hawkins seems to be a bit overwhelmed when it comes to Hex Champion Tiger Star’s offense. Tiger Star puts on the high flying show every expects as he puts down Todd Hawkins as another victim to the Hex Champion.

CURSE Phenomenon 24 – 2 Mar 2024 – (Attendance: 24,577)

The show opens with Talon in the ring challenging the Cenobites tag team to a match at the One Year Anniversary next week. Mystery and Shadow come out on the stage and ask who his partner would be and Talon says to watch the screen. Donovan Righte, another wrestling legend, appears on the screen and tells the Cenobites that he’s also tired of seeing them stomp all over everybody and he’s happy to tag with Talon next week.

Ferris Hart v Erik Storm (of Havoc)
Erik Storm tries his hand at singles wrestling but Ferris Hart shows that his new venture is something that can’t be denied as he just outclasses Storm in every way but strength. When Storm does take control with the power moves, Hart turns the tide with combinations that eventually leads to him getting the pin to win.

“Renegade” Naomi McClain v Lady Shark
Lady Shark brings the fight to the “new and improved” Naomi McClain but McClain just fires back with the hard hits and the questionable moves. Lady Shark’s efforts are valiant but in the end the devious tactics of McClain get her the win.

Tag Team Match – Stingers v Road Rage
Road Rage started the match by attacking the Stingers from behind but unlike their last match, the Stingers used whatever methods they could to turn things back into their favor as quickly as possible, including hurling Tommy Clyde out of the ring. The Stingers isolate Rex Walker and double team him to get the win.

Trios Match – Cenobites v Rogue Warriors
The Rogue Warriors were immediately overcome by all of the Cenobites, completely outnumbered and beaten down severely before the bell rang until Talon came out to the ringside area and fought off the extra few members. When the bell rang, they continued their dominance as they were fresher than the Warriors but with all the chaos happening at ringside, Donovan Righte appears from the crowd to tilt-a-whirl DDT two of the Cenobites, allowing the Rogue Warriors to triple team the third one to gain the pin to win.

Post match, the Cenobites in the ring complain that there was too much interference and they didn’t get a fair match but Talon, Donovan Righte, and the Rogue Warriors are joined by Jaguar Dorado to have a huge brawl in the ring. Once the Cenobites are all tossed out, Donovan Righte grabs the mic: “You all talk about unfair, but you’ve been ganging up on everyone since you’ve gotten here. Talon and I are going to take all of you out until the Cenobites are no more.”

Ace Divine v Teal Stark
Ace Divine and Teal Stark trade moves back and forth for the first five minutes of the match but Teal Stark eventually takes control of the match. Divine does mount a comeback but cannot overcome the abilities of Stark, who gets the pin for the win.

8-Woman Rumble: Women’s Champion Tao Usagi, Stella Knight, Delila Hart, “Amazon” Allison Colter, Black Bethany, Chief Mystique, Skye Hawke, and Victoria Nova
This over the top rumble starts with everyone in the ring and Allison Colter begins by dominating Women’s Champion Tao Usagi, lifting her up by the neck and tossing her to the floor in the first elimination. Everyone else tries to gang up on Colter but they are unable to eliminate the Amazon and Nova gets eliminated with a big boot to the face by Colter. Black Bethany and Stella Knight end up being both dumped over the top by Skye Hawke, who ends up getting dumped out by Colter shortly afterwards. Chief Mystique puts up a good fight teaming with Delila Hart against Colter, but the Amazon proves too much as Mystique misses a spear to go over and eliminate herself. With no other help, Hart gets “woman” handled and eventually clotheslined over the top to see Colter the winner.

White Tiger v Shadow
As Shadow stands in the ring and awaits White Tiger’s entrance, Tiger is jumped by Mystery and Knightmare on the ramp, beaten down, and eventually tossed into the ring for the bell and to be attacked by Shadow. Both Knightmare and Mystery and taken out by Talon and Donovan Righte easily before heading down to stand at ringside, making Shadow nervous. Shadow tries to keep his focus on the match but White Tiger takes advantage of his split focus and displays his full skill set to take out Shadow in a spectacular win.

World Champion Skylar Mason & Iwani Macai v Van Stane & Aegis Quest
This tag team match was thrown together and it was apparent there weren’t many happy with their pairings as both teams seemed to have some issues tagging in and out. Van Stane spent most of the match in the ring, refusing to let Quest anywhere near Mason and wanted to get the win himself but Macai and Mason would blind tag each other even if there were offensive momentum moves being built up. Van Stane eventually jackhammers Quest outside the ring, spears Macai outside on the opposite side, and tries to injure Mason but the champion turned the tide and rolled up Stane for the win.

Jinx Championship – Tyger Katz v Kyra Crowe
Katz and Crowe put on a classic match of power and skill until Crowe starts doing underhanded moves and getting warned repeatedly by the referee. Katz mounts a comeback multiple times but Crowe continues with the referee warned moves until Izzy comes down to the ring to get in Crowe’s face on the apron. While Kyra Crowe was distracted, Katz rolls her up for the pin.

Post match, Izzy flattens Crowe with a clothesline and a suplex before delivering a frog splash and leaving the ring.

CURSE Phenomenon 25 (One Year Anniversary) – 9 Mar 2024 – (Attendance: 29,581)

A highlight package of some of the best matches over the course of the last year, all from Phenomenon (and some from Unleashed). After the highlight package ends, the show opener rolls and all four founders of CURSE are standing on the stage smiling. They thank everyone for supporting CURSE and allowing CURSE to grow all year long, promising an even bigger second year of CURSE to come. After next week’s Slamrock, they say CURSE Phenomenon is moving to Thursdays and PPVs will happen separately on Saturdays. Also in the year to come will be a new PPV in June called CURSEd Flame, as well as a special “All Championships On The Line” CURSE of the Gold event coming in April as a regular feature.

Jinx Championship – Tyger Katz [C] v Majesty
Majesty goes right after the Jinx Champion with an aggressive assault but Tyger Katz is having none of it by bringing her own brand of aggression by fighting her way back to a dominant position. While Katz does maintain a dominant spot for most of the match, Majesty does prove she is worthy of the belt but it wasn’t enough in the end as Katz manages to roll Majesty up for the pin.

Kyra Crowe v Black Bethany
Black Bethany and Kyra Crowe start their match with gusto. Kyra Crowe starts to really dominate the match until Izzy comes to ringside and distracts her. As referees come to ringside to try to get Izzy out of the ringside area, Kyra is hit from behind by Black Bethany and rolled up for the win.

Crowe, incensed, goes after Izzy for a brawl at ringside. The two of them are finally separated and Roger Stane comes on screen and says that if they want to fight, they can fight at Slamrock with no DQ rules.

Hex Championship – Tiger Star [C] v Azure Dragon
Azure Dragon and Tiger Star put on a death defying display of amazing moves for the crowd, which gets them chanting “this is awesome.” As Azure Dragon tries to take the advantage but Tiger Star shows why he’s the champion and puts Dragon through the wringer. Tiger Star manages to get the pin to secure his championship.

Trios Championship – Wild Storm [C] v Space Corps
Jaguar Dorado is isolated early in the match by Space Corps as they show they’re more than ready to be the champions. It appears that they might have injured Dorado early as he barely manages to get a tag to Fuego Blanco, who gets help from Thunderbolt to mix things up long enough to fight back to a better standing. The match turns into a tornado match as everyone is in the ring fighting it out until a freak pin by Captain Ventura of Jaguar Dorado crowns NEW Trios Champions!

Dane Hawke v Zevander Gold
Zevander Gold came out without a hint of the Circus to follow but he wasn’t going to fated to do well as Dane Hawke came to win. Both men fought hard but Gold was simply outmatched by the technical wrestling of Dane Hawke in a decisive sharpshooter tap out. Dane Hawke wins.

Tag Team Championships – The Union [C] v Knighthood
Eddie Thomas and Liam Cross took the fight to Leon and Darius Knight immediately. All four men were battling it out in the ring until Aurora managed to turn the match into what it was supposed to be in the first place. The Union displayed the guts of champions but Knighthood showed their loss of the championships may have been premature as they took the champions to their limit. The time limit expired and the match was declared a draw.

Tom Katz came out to declare that this one wasn’t over and that this rematch was happening without a time limit at Slamrock next week!

Talon & Donovan Righte v Cenobites
The Cenobites tried to take early advantage by outnumbering the two legends but the Dynasty showed up to make sure the Cenobites who weren’t involved didn’t get involved. Talon and Donovan Righte took the Mystery and Shadow “to the woodshed” as they showed the newcomers what it meant to be legends. The Cenobites never really stood a chance as Talon ended the match with a glorious pin to win.

Shogun v Hornet
Hornet didn’t know what hit him as Shogun heard the bell, choke slammed Hornet hard to the mat, power bombed him, and got the pin in under 30 seconds. 33-0.

Women’s Championship – Tao Usagi [C] v Stella Knight
Stella Knight takes the fight to Tao Usagi but the champion brings the fight right back to her as they trade blows. Tao Usagi puts a stamp on her part of the match by pulling out every signature move she has but she was unable to keep Knight down. Stella also pulls out all of her signature moves but cannot keep the champion down. Usagi ends the match with Knight by small package surprise pin.

World Championship – Skylar Mason [C] v Van Stane
Van Stane immediately grounds the world champion by hammering him with the hardest of offenses. Mason absorbs all of the attacks and manages to match Stane’s aggression with his own brand of high octane offense. Skylar Mason’s energetic pace was more than Stane could keep up with and Mason got the pin and retained the World Championship.

CURSE Slamrock – 16 Mar 2024 – (Attendance: 24,003)

Trios Championship – Space Corps [C] v Rogue Warriors
The new champions started looking like less of a team as the Rogue Warriors show supreme cohesiveness in dismantling their opponents early in the match. Space Corps comes together to recover and fight off Rogue Warriors until they get the pin to retain their new championships.

Demonique v Scream
The two former Circus members square off as Demonique shows her power and grace while Scream shows her unpredictability and deviousness. The two women trade blows back and forth until Scream goes berserk and floors Demonique for a pin to win.

Hex Championship – Tiger Star [C] v Hexagon
Tiger Star and Hexagon shook hands to start off the bout and put on a display of high flying maneuvers for the crowd as they even went into the crowd to fly. The chants of “this is awesome” went through the arena as both men take the action back into the ring and Hexagon manages to get the upper hand and land a high impact Canadian destroyer for the pin, winning the Hex Championship!

No DQ Match – Kyra Crowe v Izzy
The match started on the stage with chairs as Izzy goes berserk right out of the entrance to floor Kyra Crowe. Crowe doesn’t stay down and takes the fight right back to Izzy by showing her who is really hardcore, causing blood to flow and bringing the pain in the bloodiest match CURSE has seen to date. Izzy and Kyra Crowe take each other to the limit until Crowe puts Izzy through two tables to score a pin to win.

Talon & Donovan Righte v Knightmare & Void (of the Cenobites)
Without any other Cenobites present, Knightmare and Void were forced to fight the legends Talon and Donovan Righte alone. While both Knightmare and Void put up a great fight, neither was able to gain much ground on the two legends and Donovan Righte ended the match with his signature Righte Way (a modified Rock Bottom) to get the pin for the win.

Tag Team Championship (No Time Limit) – The Union [C] v Knighthood
All four men take to the ring as if the rules were “tornado” style but things quickly worked themselves out when Darius Knight tombstone pile drives Eddie Thomas into the entrance ramp. While he was laid out and being checked on, Leon and Darius expertly out teamed Liam Cross in a spectacular display of tag team prowess. Eddie does eventually rejoin the match but when he gets tagged in, he succumbs to the same double teaming that Liam was outmanned against and is quickly tossed out of the ring as Liam tries for a comeback. Liam fought back heroically to almost get the advantage but the numbers were too much and he was beaten back down. Just when Leon went to super kick Liam, Cross moved and Leon connected with Darius instead. Liam capitalized on the surprise of Leon Knight by rolling him up for the win and retaining the championships.

Shogun v Black Tortoise
Black Tortoise avoids the quick loss by making sure the maneuvers and tactics of the smaller wrestler were on display. Tortoise managed to land quite a few high impact hits but once Shogun connected with his high impact hits, Black Tortoise would collapse and end up getting pinned after a power bomb. 34-0

Women’s Championship – Tao Usagi [C] v “Amazon” Allison Colter
During the champion’s entrance, Allison Colter grabbed her by the hair and hauled her over the top rope into the ring. A power bomb of Usagi happened just before the bell sounded and Colter delivered several more high impact moves before Usagi managed to deliver any sort of comeback. While Tao Usagi fought like the champion she is, Allison Colter’s size, power, and dexterity was just too much. Allison Colter finished off Tao Usagi with a big boot to the head and a pin to become the NEW Women’s Champion!

World Championship – Skylar Mason [C] v Aegis Quest
The speed and energy of both Mason and Quest dazzled early on with the crowd chanting their names the whole time. Mason would have the advantage for a time then Quest would take it for a while but neither would really get the distinct control of the match for long. Van Stane came down to the ring to distract both men, but neither man allowed the distraction to sink in. Iwani Macai also came out to counteract Stane’s present while the match continued. When Mason backed Quest into the corner, Stane hopped up to get involved but Macai jumped up as well to force him off the apron just before Mason landed a dropkick to send Macai into the barricade. As the ref was looking at Macai, Quest was attempting to low blow Mason but he moved just as Stane got back onto the apron and received the low blow, knocking him back down to the floor. Mason used the ropes to backflip onto Quest for a pin to retain the championship.