Dohyo Download 0105: It’s Draft Day for Season 2!

It is draft day for the Champ/Chump series as Terukaze becomes the Season 2 rookie in the live draft for our second run at picking. Genbu (DJ), Tamanosato, Kamahiko, Kaitetsu, Asabariki, Chubanoumi, Terukaze, and Rikioi all join in on this episode as we cover the RTY Champ/Chump coverage, the IRL basho kickoff talk, bullying in sumo, the Miyagano beya controversy, general sumo talk, and being mad about time change.

Season 2 Draft occurs on this show but you can still get in on the action if you contact Genbu to make one Champ and one Chump pick based off of who has NOT been already selected based on the sheet located at this link. Deadline for entry is the start of the RTY basho. You would be joining Kaitetsu, Genbu, Tamanosato, Kamahiko, Asabariki, and (rookie) Terukaze for Season 2!

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