Dohyo Download 0104: Kaitetsu and the Art of Kensho-Mawashi

Tamanosato runs the show as we ask Kaitetsu all about the wonderful art of his Kensho-Mawashi, some history about the Kensho-Mawashi, and listener questions about what you all would like to know about them as well! Then we dive into topics like Genbu’s next segment of his sleeve tattoo, the IRL banzuke is about, holding the Champ/Chump series draft next week (with some new rules added for Season 2), and Kaitetsu makes Genbu a Kensho-Mawashi live on the air! Kamahiko, Rikioi, Asabariki, Shitayama, Toryuken, and some others pop in and out as this show is great!

If you’d like to JOIN our Champ/Chump series for “Season 2,” simply show up for the live draft next week! Season 1 was Genbu, Asabariki, Tamanosato, Kaitetsu, and Kamahiko… so plenty of room for more fun and adventure!

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