Dohyo Download 0103: But He’s Bald

Genbu woke up LATE to join Kamahiko, Asabariki, Tamanosato, Enkaga, Toryuken, Kudasaru, Senshi, Midorimaru, and Daisashoryu in a big old mess of topics… including Genbu learning that Hokuseiho is some sort of monster, Miyagano is in big trouble, Champ/Chump needs more players, we go off on many a tangent, and there is so much more!

If you’d like to JOIN our Champ/Chump series for “Season 2,” simply shoot Genbu a ping stating you’re interested and also know you’ll need to be present on the Dohyo Download for the live draft on the day we hold it (it’ll be a regular episode day). Season 1 was Genbu, Asabariki, Tamanosato, Kaitetsu, and Kamahiko… so plenty of room for more fun and adventure!

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