This week has been a wave of unpleasantness and that has caused me, DJ, to have to make some serious decisions about some things. One of those decisions is going to involve CURSE for the remainder of 2024 (or at least the next six to eight months).

Starting with this announcement, CURSE will not be releasing YouTube videos (going on release hiatus) until further notice. I do not plan on canceling CURSE and have every intention of resuming the releases as soon as is feasible.

In the meantime, I plan on releasing write-ups on what will be going on at the planned events (still scheduled, still occurring “off screen,” and will continue building the brand while on hiatus) so that CURSE remains somewhat in the public eye while I am unable to work on the video elements of CURSE. The write-ups will come as often as I can get the time to write them up.

For those following CURSE, thank you for the interest and I hope you continue to follow the developments. CURSE will return as soon it can.