CURSE Wrestling Arrives

On January 22, 2023 the Championship Unlimited Revolution Sports Entertainment Wrestling organization (or CURSE Wrestling) was announced to the Internet. Today, you find out a little more about what to expect from the organization.

Former friends and legends of Emerald Nation professional wrestling’s past got together about two years ago and started working on plans to revive large scale wrestling to the Emerald Nation as a whole. One off shows and flash in the pan federations that disappear over the course of several months are now being replaced by CURSE, a long term plan to bring stability back into the sport.

Hall of Famers Nathan Hawke, Tom Katz, Scott Crowe, and Roger Stane are the owners of the new CURSE Wrestling and have a clear vision of where they see the company going.

“We have over one hundred years of wrestling experience between the four of us,” said Nathan Hawke, formerly known as Knighthawke. “Some of us know a lot about the booking, some of us are good with promoting events, and all of us have some knowledge about training.”

“The decision to run a wrestling company,” said Tom Katz, formerly known as Cat, “was made because we saw all of the failures other made and felt we could do better. Saying that and doing that are what we’re here to prove.”

CURSE has partnered with the professional wrestling training academy the Energy Zone, owned and operated by Hall of Fame Carl “Doom” Daniels, to have a source of new talent to be brought into the organization on a regular basis. The initial “class” of CURSE will be made up of established talent and new students from the Energy Zone.

While CURSE is certainly going to be the largest thing coming out of the Emerald Nation at this time, they won’t be the only operating wrestling company in the country. There are several independent groups that have smaller shows in hyper-local areas that exist throughout the country. This harkens back, slightly, to the old territory system, though the “territory” is scarcely larger than a city.

“We scouted everyone,” said Roger Stane, formerly known as Zoo. “No one is prevented from working smaller shows if they want to but we are looking to keep talent as healthy as possible for CURSE.”

Some of the “scouted” talent are actually children, or grandchildren, of legends of Emerald Nation wrestlers. Nathan Hawke’s son Dane Hawke and his daughter Skye Hawke are both wrestling in CURSE. Tom and Hanna Katz’s daughter Tyger Katz will be as well. Scott and Xandra Crowe’s daughter Kyra has found a home in CURSE. Roger Stane’s son Van Stane will be joining them.

Those not related to the founders but are legacy wrestlers are brothers Aaron and Ferris Hart (sons of Thomas Hart), Delila Hart (daughter of James Hart), Naomi McClain (daughter of Ed McClain), Leon Knight (son of David Knight, grandson of Axl Knight), Darius Knight (son of Jared Knight, grandson of Axl Knight), Stella Knight (daughter of John Knight, granddaughter of Axl Knight), and Virgil Mann (son of Wyatt “Wild Man” Mann).

“A lot of our children and the legacies of others want to carry on what their families started,” said Scott Crowe, formerly known as Scarecrow. “CURSE is that place to do that. As founders, we also felt it was important to bring in one of the Emerald Nation’s oldest wrestling dynasties: the Knights. They had the last standing territory and when people talk about the ‘good old days,’ the Knight territory is the one that is most often remembered.”

There is a lot of history behind CURSE and the company is looking to let everyone know that they acknowledge that history. Their immediate focus is their first event to occur on March 4 in the Gothica Rec Center: CURSE Unleashed.