Dohyo Download 0051: Sorry to Focus on Your Face

This is the Official Podcast of the Road to Yokozuna Discord game at . If you aren’t playing, why not? This is the best sumo game around! We have a great community and we’re always ready to welcome an enthusiastic new player! Join us!

Genbu (DJ) is joined by Asabariki and Enkaga… and Mayayama, Moshogaeru, Rontsuri, and Hikosaru with some viewers as the coverage is of the LIVE fight between Genbu and Enkaga… then we see Enkaga vs Kitashoritsu! Then Enkaga vs Kosetsuzan! We talk Makushita, Juryo, Makuuchi, Juryo again, living in the USA, how we love shikona choices, loving gifs, who will win the Yusho in each division, and so much more! This is a super sized edition of the Dohyo Download!

You can find us on Twitter at @EmeraldSpecter, by email at, and all of this and more can be found at!