Dohyo Download 0116: I Have to Send Some Flowers to Myself

Genbu is joined by Kamahiko, Asabariki, Tamanosato, Enkaga, Shitayama, and briefly by Midorisetchi to discuss the RTY basho finale, the Champ/Chump Season 3 finale standings, who will end up where come next basho, we look over the all time win/loss leaderboards to see where old versions of us ranked compared to the current crop of everyone, Rosu Shield tracking gets talked about, and we have an elongated discussion about Ichinojo claiming he was in John Wick Chapter 4. We can find no evidence he was but come and listen in!

If you would like to be a part of Season 4 of the Champ/Chump series, please ping Genbu and let him know. We have done a live draft the previous two times but we are investigating trying a non-live draft for season 4, so if you wanted to play this is the time to get in on that. Let him know and we’ll see what we have got!

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