Dohyo Download 0113: I Don’t Like Onosato, I Think

Kaitetsu, Kamahiko, Tamanosato, Asabariki, Shitayama, Kamamidori, and Genbu break down day 1 of the May Tournament in IRL basho talk as we discuss Makuuchi, the san’yaku, some Juryo goings on, a little Makushita, what our feelings on the performances were, punchable faces, Tamanosato’s strange dislike of cheese, Kagayaki’s current status, the various states of the Waka brothers, and a whole lot more. There is even a bit of a stunning bit of news by Genbu as the show was wrapping up that should excite and entertain (as the other hosts definitely almost wet themselves with excitement at hearing it)… that starts at 1:09.43, if you skip our lovely banter. Shame.

If you would like to be a part of Season 4 of the Champ/Chump series, please ping Genbu and let him know. We have done a live draft the previous two times but we are investigating trying a non-live draft for season 4, so if you wanted to play this is the time to get in on that. Let him know and we’ll see what we have got!

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