Dohyo Download 0101: Tamanosato Might Be More Annoying Than Me

The gang is all here! Genbu (DJ), Tamanosato, Asabariki, Kamahiko, Kaitetsu, Kazesosha, Hikzaru, Midorimaru (in chat), Takaryu (in chat), Kokuchozan, and Tokado all grace the podcast in some form as we have our “weekly poop talk,” relive the tournament last week briefly, discuss who is doing well this basho, figure out who is winning in the Champ/Chump series, look at one of the most bonkers matches anyone has ever seen (Koizumi and Senshi… the link is in the Voice Chat in the Voice Channel), and we have ourselves a great time!

Next week we interview Kaitetsu about the Art of Kesho-Mawashi, so send your questions to the Voice-Box channel to ask him what you want!

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