Dohyo Download 0100: 100th Epiversary!

There are too many people to name on this episode as we hold the Dohyo Download Open Tournament for fabulous prestige and prizes LIVE on the air! This one clocks in at nearly 2:30 hours as we have voices from many of the participants as well as regulars! We commentate on the matches (which almost exclusively happened in the Dewanoumi Training Camp channel for simplicity’s sake) as we whittled down 20 competitors to our top 3 finishers for prizes we didn’t really learn until the very end of the episode! We unleash the current (up to the episode’s live recording) standings of the Champ/Chump’s first season as well as a lot of smack talking up and down the show. Who knew that Kotonowaka wasn’t going to switch shikona until AFTER next basho? Crazy times.

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