Dohyo Download 0080: Matsunofuji Yokozuna?

This is the Official Podcast of the Road to Yokozuna Discord game at . If you aren’t playing, why not? This is the best sumo game around! We have a great community and we’re always ready to welcome an enthusiastic new player! Join us!

Genbu (DJ), Asabariki, and Tamanosato are all by themselves and allowed to ramble away as the Dohyo Download is quite the place this episode. They talk about DJ’s newly created idea of a “Road to the Octagon,” basically an RtY version of MMA he came up with and will start working on (early stages right now). They cover Day 1 of the Aki Basho IRL 2023, with highlights on the san’yaku and the Ozeki’s! There is some discussion about Road to Yokozuna’s upcoming basho with getting people readied up, who will do what, and how Jungyo went for the three hosts. Listen in!

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