Big CURSE Announcements

EN Press – A packed room of journalists were gathered in the Emerald Specter Media Center in Emerald City, Emerald Nation. Everyone was only told that there were big announcements for the CURSE Wrestling company and so we gathered to hear what those could possibly be, considering that the company was still “finding it’s legs” so early in the company’s existence.

No one had to wait for long as Tom “Cat” Katz came out, flanked by Scott “Scarecrow” Crowe and CEO of Emerald Specter Media DJ Allen. We didn’t wait long as Tom Katz was the first one to speak.

“Thank you, everyone, for joining us today,” Tom said, reading from a prepared statement. “We have successfully held two events in the Gothica Rec Center and have several more scheduled at the time of this press conference. The pace of one event every two weeks will continue for the time being.

“We’ve had a chance to introduce all of our first wave talent and the Energy Zone Academy has gotten the next class of talent to the point where you’ll be meeting them soon enough. It’s our goal to provide as diverse a roster as possible to entertain the CURSE audience and bring the highest quality wrestling to our audience.

“Having said all that, it’s time for the first big announcement you’re all here for.” Tom smiled and looked around while the assembled journalists give a slight chuckle.

“Beginning April 18, CURSE will begin a tournament for the World Championship,” Tom said. “This isn’t a ‘World Heavyweight Championship,’ just a World Championship. We are not delineating weight classes as CURSE is just interested in providing the best action possible. There will be four rounds to this tournament and the final round will be the crowning of our inaugural World Champion.

“Beginning April 29, during round two of the World Championship tournament, CURSE will begin a tournament for the Women’s World Championship. This will be a four round tournament culminating in the crowning of our inaugural Women’s World Champion.

“No date has been set for the World Tag Team Championships but a tournament will be created to determine the inaugural World Tag Team Champions as well. The reveal of all of these championship belts will come during the special events that will feature the World and Women’s World tournaments entitled CURSE of the Gold.

“At this time, I’d like to turn things over to DJ Allen for more announcements.” Tom Katz then stood back and DJ Allen stepped up to the podium.

“Good afternoon,” said DJ. “Emerald Specter Media has been a big supporter of CURSE Wrestling since the announcement that it would be reestablishing a large scale professional wrestling company here in the Emerald Nation. I reached out, personally, to the owners and started a dialog about what Emerald Specter Media could do to help CURSE prosper.

“We worked on formulating what would work best for CURSE and ended up with the deal of bringing CURSE to the Emerald Nation on a weekly basis and to provide CURSE backing for a contracted length of time in a mutual beneficial agreement. CURSE has a home with Emerald Specter Media and Emerald Specter Media is helping CURSE get off the ground just a little faster.

“Our final goal as Emerald Specter, we are going to be bringing the first Pay Per View or Special Event before the end of the 2023 calendar year. Now I’d like to hand things over to Scott Crowe.” DJ Allen steps back, all smiles, as Scott Crowe stepped forward.

“I am here to take questions from all of you for CURSE and the Energy Zone Academy,” said Scott Crowe. With that prompting, many hands go into the air and the questions and answers begin.

Diana Richter, Emerald City Sentinel: “Will any past talent be making returns under the CURSE banner to boost popularity?”

“Many of the stars from the past are currently in their late 50s or early 60s,” said Crowe, “There are also a number of them who don’t have the status us founders have due to being lost in the shuffle during this territorial era. We haven’t been approached nor reached out to anyone to make an appearance at this time.”

Sayid Asahd, Halo Chronicle: “Is CURSE going to be relying on the Energy Zone Academy for talent or will you be picking from the territories as long as they keep running?”

“While there are still a fair number of free agents available in the Emerald Nation still,” said Crowe, “We believe that the Energy Zone Academy will be giving us most of our future talent at this point. Turning down someone with talent won’t be something we do but our overall plan is to have the Academy be our primary source of talent going forward.”

Mei Li, EBC News: “Question for Mr. Allen: how long is the current contract with CURSE?”

“The current contract is 18 months,” said Allen, “That means the actual end of the contract is currently September 2024. The expectation is that we will be signing extensions before that deadline arrives.”

Rosa Juarez, EBS News: “When can we realistically expect CURSE to go weekly?”

“There’s a few things we need to get established before that happens,” said Crowe, retaking the podium, “Currently, we are eyeballing August for the weekly shows.

Ando Nakamura, North Point Press: “Is anyone currently in the Energy Zone Academy that the Emerald Nation might recognize?”

“Two, actually,” said Crowe with a smirk. “Both masked wrestlers from the Valyria territory who had decided to enter the Academy rather than petition straight into CURSE. They are Hexagon and Tigerstar, both have a decent following on their own and we are thrilled to have them joining CURSE in the very near future.”

Mohinder Singh, Gothica Times: “Is CURSE going to be touring the country with this Emerald Specter contract?”

“Absolutely,” said Crowe. “The weekly shows will have us leaving the Gothica Rec Center, which is already close to being at capacity, and entering larger venues for our shows. The website will start also recording viewership when we have events rather than just the attendance. There might also come a time when we don’t post any of that information but we’ve committed to making that information available at this time.”

The three men then thanked everyone again for coming and made their way out of the room. They assured everyone more information would be coming again in the near future.