Dohyo Download 0056: Inazaru is a Cheater

This is the Official Podcast of the Road to Yokozuna Discord game at . If you aren’t playing, why not? This is the best sumo game around! We have a great community and we’re always ready to welcome an enthusiastic new player! Join us!

DJ (Genbu), Asabariki, Enkaga, and Hikosaru have an audience as they discuss a LOT about the Haru 2023 basho… Shodai, kyujos, who is in contention for the Yusho, the ups and downs of some of the other rikishi, and more! There is also discussion about the upcoming Road to Yokozuna basho, who won Jungyo, who needs Degeiko bouts, and we have a little fun at both Inazaru and Ankara’s expense.

You can find us by email at and more can be found at!