Dohyo Download 0109: That’s a Bit of an Over-Promotion

When you start the show with two false starts, things don’t look so good… that turned out to be fine, though, as Genbu was joined by Enkaga, Tamanosato, Kamahiko, Asabariki, and late in the show Ex-Akamidori (Kirigaya Oyakata) to discuss the state of RTY’s current basho, the updated Champ/Chump standings, the RTY banzuke (including speculation on who’s going up, down, and winning each division or going into playoffs), Genbu and Tamanosato accept the Golden Poop Award for this basho, and then Kirigaya Oyakata takes us on a magical journey of storytelling with a short jaunt down Akamidori’s triumphs and tribulations before the time is up… but we’ll head down that path again next week!

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