Dohyo Download 0046: Tell A Friend

This is the Official Podcast of the Road to Yokozuna Discord game at . If you aren’t playing, why not? This is the best sumo game around! We have a great community and we’re always ready to welcome an enthusiastic new player! Join us!

Genbu (DJ, formerly Suigyokurei and Suijin) is joined eventually by Hikosaru to talk about 2023! Well, 2022 stuff in there, too… to include (but not limited to) Road to Yokozuna related rankings, Genbu early Degeiko fights, who’s hot and not in the Juryo/Makushita divisions, working at the postal service, spreading the word about this podcast (not everyone knows about the podcast, TELL A FRIEND!), and a little bit more.

You can find us on Twitter at @EmeraldSpecter, by email at, and all of this and more can be found at!